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Argo Digital

At Argo Digital, we are transforming a trillion-dollar industry that drives every sector of the economy.

New York, NY
1001-5000 Employees

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At Argo Digital, we are transforming a trillion-dollar industry that drives every sector of the economy. We're a group of product managers, designers, engineers and data scientists, empowered with the resources of Argo Group to break the mold, experiment with new technology, and define the way people transfer risk in the 21st century. Our products range from Machine Learning risk prediction platforms to advanced auto quoting web applications that are disrupting the distribution chain and core insurance product. Our teams, built with influence from Google and Spotify's squad models, develop products using the most advanced frameworks/tools: React, Node.js, Python, DeepMind/TensorFlow, Apache Spark, Zepplin, Tesseract, Anaconda, and more. With seven major products already in production (three more slated for 2019), we are driving revenue and executing extreme optimization.

Office locations

New York, NY, US

Tech stack

Application & data
Python, Node.js, React.js, JavaScript, Java, Natural Language Processing (NLP)
AWS (Amazon Web Services)

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