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Canoe Intelligence

Canoe Intelligence is leading the charge against manual data entry.

New York, NY
11-50 Employees

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We are leading the charge against manual data entry.

Investment firms are inundated with data and documents from hundreds of sponsors, all delivered disparately in unstructured formats. We realized that it was difficult, costly, and time-consuming to manually track our own investments, so we decided to automate the process.

Starting in 2013, a group of sophisticated investors began developing Canoe's proprietary technology, and today we're excited to share it with others investing in alternative and illiquid strategies.

Canoe intelligently streamlines investment document management and data extraction, minimizing manual data entry into reporting and accounting systems. The result is lightning-fast, cost-effective, and accurate data.

Office locations

New York, NY, US

Tech stack

Application & data
Java, PHP, Python, JavaScript, SQL, MySQL, Linux / Unix
AWS (Amazon Web Services)

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