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Cortico / Lab for Social Machines (MIT)

A non-profit in cooperation with the MIT Media Lab, Cortico builds systems that bring under-heard community voices, perspectives and stories to the center of a healthier public dialogue.

Cambridge, MA
11-50 Employees
Information Tech

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Cortico, a non-profit in cooperation with MIT Media Labs Laboratory for Social Machines, envisions a citizenry connected through more constructive and empathic public conversation. Our mission is to foster public conversation in communities, and in the media that improves our understanding of one another. To this end, we're testing a unique physical-digital network designed to bring bring under-heard community voices, perspectives and stories to the center of a healthier public dialogue.

Slated for launch in Wisconsin, New York, and Alabama in early 2019, Cortico's Local Voices Network (LVN) is designed around three core efforts: (1) Facilitating in-person conversations at scale, (2) Connecting facilitators and conversations digitally, and (3) Opening a new local listening channel for journalists, leaders and the community at large.

Our media environment prioritizes national perspectives and our politics reinforce divisive tribalism. Local citizenries, however, share a lived community experience. Today, too many of these local voices - be they from red counties or blue cities - go unheard, drowned out by hyperpartisan noise and toxic public dialogue. Social media, designed to connect us, has also divided us into insular 'tribes' hostile toward outside views and ripe for the spread of false news, hateful discourse, and extremism. We need to create a new civic space for local voices to be heard in civil, empathic public conversation that heals divisions in communities from the inside out.

Benefits & perks

Financial & retirement
Professional support
Up to $2,000 per year on learning initiatives from attending conferences, buying books, or taking classes
Health & insurance
75% paid insurance for all full-time employees
Vacation & time off
21 days total of PTO, including vacation, sick leave and floating holidays
Eligiblility for a discretionary paid leave (similar to a sabbatical) of up to three months after every seven years of full-time employment

Office locations

Cambridge, MA, US

Tech stack

Application & data
React.js, Python, JavaScript, C#, Unity

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