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Revivn is a social enterprise focused on the repurposing of used technology for social good and empowerment.

Brooklyn, NY
11-50 Employees
Non-profit, Electronics, Cleantech

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Revivn is a social enterprise focused on the repurposing of used technology for social good and empowerment. Revivn uses outdated electronics from companies to build out various initiatives helping people gain computer access. By connecting companies to communities through social impact programs, Revivn helps raise awareness about the power of repurposing and impact technology can have for good.Our goal is to raise awareness, provide solutions, and educate about social good, e-waste and the environment.

Devices collected are cleared of all data and sensitive information. This a major priority for us because we understand the need to protect data, proprietary information, and internal communications. Ultimately, Revivn enables your company to integrate sustainability into its strategic planning and significantly reduce the cost of maintaining a technology infrastructure. Do good and have the power to tell a story after.

Office locations

Brooklyn, NY, US

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