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Build React components visually - Visly is the design tool built for developers. We believe visual interfaces should be built in a visual tool. This gives developers more direct feedback on what they are building, reducing bugs and increasing quality.

London, UK
1-10 Employees
Enterprise Software

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Visly is building a next generation design tool aimed at front-end engineers. We believe that with the proliferation if component driven software design and popularity of universal design systems it is the perfect time to build a tool like Visly. We enable engineers and designers to collaborate in a single tool and create high quality components that can be directly imported into code using existing tooling developers are already using. Compared to many other design tools we know that the secret to getting this to work well is building a tool engineers will love and building trust with the engineering community. Otherwise these components will never make it into a production code base.

Benefits & perks

Flexible working hours and work from home any time

Office locations

London, UK, UK

Tech stack

Application & data
React.js, Electron, Typescript
Heroku, Sentry, GitHub Actions
Business tools
Linear, Slack, Notion

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