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Well believes everyone deserves access to a trusted health partner.

Health and Wellness, Information Tech

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Well was founded to help every individual take control of their health, adding a layer of ease and empowerment to improve a system that’s badly broken. After decades of healthcare and consumer experience, we’ve built Well to deliver personalized, concierge-style health advancement to the masses. We’re all-in to deliver for our members — and disrupt healthcare in the process.

Well has a mission to create massive impact and affect change to healthcare through a differentiated consumer experience and a world-class data & analytics engine to drive engagement and behavior change. The product sells directly to Fortune 500 CEOs and full risk populations as well as directly to consumers, integrating layers of analytics, digital, concierge services, behavioral health, telemedicine, care management and wellness services to drive sustained engagement, lower costs and improve health.

We are working with and looking for new technologies that will give us an edge. If that excites you, you’ll be a great fit here at Well. If you have a curious mind and enjoy creating new solutions to complex and systemic problems, Well is for you. If you want to work with the latest technology, immediately impact users with complex and serious needs, Well is for you.

What you do matters. Here at Well, you can see the efforts of your work in our end product. We have a flexible, informal work environment. You’ll have an intro into your area of focus and have the ability to jump right in and begin to work in hours not days. Your contributions will impact users immediately as our software development life cycle practices are concise and automated. We are a highly diverse, engaged organization whose employees are passionate about the mission of the company and whose management is passionate about the employees. These drivers are the keys to our continued success.

Benefits & perks

Financial & retirement
Equity Options for most roles, 401k
Family & parenting
Well provides parental leave for new parents, regardless of gender, whether through birth or adoption of a child at 100% of salary for 20 weeks for tenure >12 month; prorated benefit for shorter tenure
Health & insurance
Cost-effective, high quality health insurance benefits
No charge Short- and Long-term Disability Coverage, AD&D and Life Insurance (+ option to purchase additional Voluntary Life)

Office locations

Newton, MA
Chapel Hill, NC
Minneapolis, MN
New York, NY

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